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Henrik Anker Bjerregaard Lundh III

Henrik Lundh on location in the Lofoten Islands, Norway


 Thank you for visiting my online galleries, and learning a little more about me. Photography is in my blood and a big part of my family history. Dating back to the mid 1800's, my ancestor was assigned as the official photographer for the Scandinavian royal families. I am very proud to be a full blooded Norwegian with roots throughout Oslo and the Northern most parts of Norway.  In the picture above, I am exploring the Lofoten Islands during the onset of Hurricane Ole.

 I bought my first professional level camera and a few lenses when I was 12 years old and I was hooked. I grew my knowledge of photography by absorbing as many classes and publications as I could up through high school. While in college acquiring a degree in Information Technology, I began to develop a taste for landscape photography, and could often be found exploring the hills and tributaries that fed the North Umpqua River in Southern Oregon, with my Nikon in hand. The introduction of the digital camera in 1996, made me realize that both of my passions and experience could join forces, and my photography grew from there. Advances in both technologies have made for more efficient processing techniques to be utilized, leaving a greater depth of control on the final output of each image.

 Above and beyond my passion for photography, is my love for nature. I simply can’t get enough of the great outdoors and attempting to capture the beauty of this amazingly diverse world we live in. I feel lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest, an area which yields mountains after mountains, vast ocean fronts, lush forests and streams, and even deserts all within a few hours of my home. 

 Ultimately, I take these images for record my experiences so I may reflect on the vast gifts we are given. If I can move others with my work by sharing those moments, then it makes it an even more worthwhile endeavor for me.

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